GIS Engineering LogoBaton Rouge, LA – July 3rd, 2018

GIS Engineering, LLC has been awarded a new contract to provide detailed engineering and design services to upgrade an existing stripping column. The project involves replacing an existing column with the latest process technology which will increase unit production and minimize downtime associated with routine maintenance. The project also includes replacing various exchangers, pumps, piping and the installation of a new anti-foaming system.

The project is not without unique challenges. An aggressive project timeline driven by an upcoming turnaround coupled with the need to install the new column on the existing foundation requires an engineering partner who can operate at the highest levels of efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Sr. Vice President Bruce Thomas, P.E. notes, “This award demonstrates our clients’ confidence in our ability to meet their demands on multiple work fronts. Whether it’s executing detailed design of a proprietary process technology or providing expedited engineering services, we rise to the occasion without compromise. We understand that our clients face rapidly changing markets and unforeseen circumstances so we strive to be the engineering partner that allows them to stay ahead of the curve”.

About GIS Engineering, LLC

GIS Engineering, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of GIS, LLC which provides engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction services to the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Refining and Infrastructure industries.