GIS was recently selected by the Upper Delta Soil and Water Conservation District to prepare a Watershed Plan/Environmental Assessment (Plan/EA) that documents the need and feasibility of a project to address identified natural resources concerns and opportunities within the Upper Terrebonne Basin Watershed. Planning-level preliminary engineering designs will also be developed to accurately define and evaluate alternatives proposed in the Plan/EA for technical feasibility.

The Watershed Plan/EA is intended to address the inadequate drainage for central/lower Pointe Coupee Parish and to flooding of homes, businesses, the rural highway system, and farmland with no lateral drainage options. The flooding is stemming from the proximity of various land uses (farmland, rural residences interspersed with cypress sloughs and hardwood areas within low lying ridge swale topography) and land forms to each other with little topographical relief. The lateral drainage options are made difficult by the Mississippi River levees to the east and Atchafalaya floodway levee to the west. In addition, there are other impacts resulting from the poor drainage conditions such as increased sedimentation, which is a water quality impairment. Gravity drainage improvement attempts in Pointe Coupee have historically caused flooding concerns for the two adjacent parishes downstream. This project will reduce flood damages, enhance public safety and improve water quality.


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